As the knowledge generated in universities can impact the creation of innovative business?

To answer this question, the StartupTech aimed to awaken the entrepreneurial behavior and encourage the development of ideas with intensive use of technological knowledge base of students

Graduation UFMG with experience and knowledge related to business and technology. It was designed and developed by Wylinka in partnership with UFMG Junior Center and SEBRAE MG.

The program lasted for four weeks, to the stages of Bootcamp, Sprint and final event and the participation of 40 students. Bootcamp in 20 technology-based ideas were created and 4 projects developed from these were selected for phase Sprint. At Sprint, which lasted one month, the project went through a structure and maturation, through mentoring, courses and sponsorship by a well established company that accompanied each project during the period, supporting and connecting them with other actors from the business . In the Event Final projects were subject to an assessment by a panel of experts and rewarded with training and subsidies for its development, one of the direct approval in an acceleration program.


The winning projects were:

  • Hardware for optimizing the collection of waste
  • Product that enables mobility of wheelchairs on uneven terrain
  • New process for the production of high demand for precision glass
  • Hardware for developing a new interface braille


The main results of the program were the generation of three potential technology-based businesses in a month and its focus on innovation flow. In addition, 20 project ideas were generated and 40 students were aware of their entrepreneurial potential in the use of technology-based knowledge to create high-impact solutions. the participation of different actors of the innovation ecosystem as supporters, mentors and evaluators of projects was stimulated. The StartupTech was a finalist in the Innovative Entrepreneurship Award ANPROTEC in 2015.