The National Laboratory for Scientific Computing (LNCC) is one of the research units linked to NITRio arrangement, that it is an arrangement of NITs (Center for Technological Innovation) in Rio de Janeiro directly linked to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) . With the aim of exploring and strengthening new technological business initiatives within the institution, coordination LNCC along with Wylinka identified in the nascent company DBS2, Laboratory “Extreme Data Laboratory” (DEXL), it features high capacity for innovation, entrepreneurial and a proposal for a promising business for insertion into the market successfully as DBS2 technology-based company. To support the birth of DBS2 and make more robust your business proposal the project consisted of three main phases.

” The project contributed greatly to the team DBS2 could get a better view of the business strategy and how to market their services. ”

In the first phase of the project, prospecting, identified the potential for innovation DBS2 proposing activities in the market analysis of large volumes of data, also known as analysis of Big Data. There are several applications and industries that require such services such as financial market advice systems on the web, weather forecast, among others. Through the analysis of large volumes of data it is possible to extract strategic information of great importance for decision-making procedures. In the project the following steps DBS2 team had support for modeling and systematize the business proposal, making it clear their differences and their target markets. With this information it was possible to obtain directions to carry out further assessment of the market, in depth and guide more adequately the company’s strategy.

As a result, DBS2 was approved in the selection process of LNCC incubator and has already established agreements with customers, such as the city of Rio de Janeiro, which will use the services offered by the company. Moreover, DBS2 participated in the competition “Startup Program Accelerates” FIESP, one of the selected companies and praised the consistent and focused business proposal.


“The project contributed greatly to the team DBS2 could get a better view of the business strategy and how to market their services. They previously had little experience in this type of issue and the project began to focus more on that. In addition to the LNCC it was important because it was a project that was born within the institution laboratories.”

Flávio Toledo - Incubator Manager LNCC

“The interventions of Wylinka were essential to open our mind. For training we have a much more scientific view and the provocations carried out during the project awakened us to think about the business model and the development of the commercial part. This completely changed the course of DBS2, and the business had before prospect to grow more slowly, now has developed much faster. We participate in a competition of FIESP called Accelerates Startup and our business proposal was highly praised for being much more focused and consistent. We are finishing the first product to deliver to the customer and we expect to further expand the company’s services in the future.”

Frederico Correa - Company DBS2