Incubators of technology-based companies are an important agent of the innovation environment and Brazilian entrepreneurship. With a mission to support the development of new businesses, providing infrastructure, training, network relationships and other values, these organizations are essential to many businesses that could not possibly have come out of the paper if it were not for the support given by the incubators.

In this context, Habitat incubator is a success. 17 years ago in order to “support the creation and development projects and technology-based companies in the areas of life sciences,” Habitat has supported more than 50 companies, 27 graduates, which generate more than R $ 700 million in sales in the market.

“(…) Along with Wylinka, we are building key metrics and milestones applied to the reality of startups to generate performance indicators and learning” Rafael Silva – Habitat Manager”

This apparent success is the result of the dedication of the incubator’s management team, which faces, like much of the country’s incubators, a number of challenges. Lack of resources, lack of predictability notices, turnover incubation agents and lack of institutional support are some of the challenges often cited by the incubators.


To seek to broaden their successes and results, the Incubator Habitat hired Wylinka to discuss the challenge to monitor, evaluate and measure the results of development of its incubated companies. The aim of the project was to structure a methodology and tool to assist in making management team’s decision regarding the development of enterprises at all stages of the incubation process.


From meetings to diagnose the current key practices of the incubator, know the tools already used and identify key gaps in the current process, Wylinka created a tool called Control Panel, which will enable Habitat:

  • Give clarity to the phases of its incubation process, with detailed features on all axes of the incubator operations;
  • Report to entrepreneurs these phases, development expectations and motivate collaboration;
  • Track results of incubation actions in the different axes;
  • Have criteria to recommend any changes in the process of supporting enterprises.


In addition to the Control Panel, recommendations in relation to different times and channels of interaction between the incubator management team and developments were made – the day-to-day incubation process – in order to bring motivational elements of collaboration , networking and visibility, increasingly desired characteristics in the incubation process and may increase the dynamics and the attractiveness of the incubator.



The Incubator HABITAT is evolving its program focusing on building tools to support the planning and monitoring of the incubated companies. For this, together with Wylinka, we are building key metrics and milestones applied to the reality of startups to generate performance and learning indicators.

Rafael Silva - Manager Incubator

The goal of building a control panel is a basic need of management. You can not manage what you can not measure. Thus, we seek to build together with Wylinka a methodology and tool to monitor, evaluate and measure the evolution of the incubated companies in order to ensure even better results for Habitat incubation program.

João Aguiar Meira - Development Analyst