The Technological Innovation Center NIT-Rio is a technology innovation centers arrangement – NITs of the State of Rio de Janeiro, linked to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI). The NITRio is responsible for the transfer of new technologies to market, representing seven research institutions: CBPF, CETEM, IMPA, INT, MAST, LNCC and ON.

In 2014, in partnership with Wylinka it was held the technology transfer project involving 7 new technologies NITRio developed in its research units. The objective of this project was to promote the technologies on the market, by mapping, assessment and approach of many companies with potential interest in their production and comercialização.NITROGRANDE


The project was carried out from two major stages. In the first, for each of the technologies discussed was conducted target market mapping and the respective reference companies. In the second stage, these companies were mapped prioritized according to criteria that evaluated those more appropriate and more interest in new technologies. Companies were then addressed directly by the Wylinka team to present, promote and identify their interest in establishing the negotiation process and transfers to the market the technologies developed by NITRio arrangement.

The project results provided a closer relationship and interaction between research teams with managers and professionals from the private sector. This allowed the emergence of important information for the adaptation of technologies with market interests and the creation of relationships and conducted that will result in the consolidation of R & D projects in partnership with the private sector and the licensing of technologies.


“This project is one of the recent successes of transfer of scientific and technological knowledge developed in MCTI Research Units in Rio de Janeiro to society. It is the result of the continued efforts of the NIT-Rio to strengthen the relationship of these centers of excellence with the productive sector in the innovation process.”

Marcelo Albuquerque - Innovation Center coordinator NIT-Rio