With a mission to support the growth of startups of the Belo Horizonte region, Sebrae Minas invited the Wylinka to support you in implementing the GO MINAS  training program and consulting for startups. Were 15 companies participating in the 1st round of BH, more than 30 entrepreneurs who have dedicated themselves for four months the goal of raising the business to another level of development.

The first month of the program was dedicated to the construction of a diagnosis of each business and an analysis of the group of companies for preparing the plans for the upcoming months of operation. Within 3 months, the entrepreneurs received intense methodological charge related to product development and customers. The Wylinka brought key content for solving challenges, to support entrepreneurs in the joint contacts and proposed strategic directions to businesses and the Sebrae. individual meetings, constant monitoring of the evolution of each business, as well as group meetings, where companies have found the opportunity to share challenges and exchange experiences were held. During the meetings, entrepreneurs had contact with at least 10 experts in various contents. An example is the entrepreneur Euler Santos, the company Verti eco-technologies, which led to the Go Minas their experience in raising funds for product development and on attracting investment process. We also have the participation of entrepreneurial Ana Julia Ghirello, founder of Good Business and AbeLLha, who spoke about his career and about corporate culture.

We ended the program with an event to celebrate the results that were many. More than 40 joints promoted among potential partners, customers and investors, 11 pivots made by companies, 5 companies increased revenues significantly, partnerships between participating companies were formed, three startups managed participation in international missions. They attended the closing, in addition to the program companies, accelerating guests, technology park, investment funds and other entrepreneurs.


Startups finished the program with many doors open to continue to meet the challenges of the entrepreneurial journey. The Go Mine is running also in Uberlândia and new rounds throughout the state are planned for 2016.


The GoMinas was a unique experience for me and the AWC. The contact and the implementation of the Customer Development methodology was very important for the evolution and maturation of the business model of the solution of AWC. The program environment was very rich. The relationship with other startups in different stages and areas allowed the exchange of experiences and formatting partnerships and relationships that create new opportunities.

Aécio Bolzon - Entrepreneur of the AWC